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OneDrive | Sync Admin Report (
As Omar Shahine, Microsoft Director Program Management OneDrive wrote in his Jason Himmelstein and Gaia Carini showed there for the first time to the people present what is to come. Here is the Jan…
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Streamline admin, developer, and end-user experiences—June identity updates (
Howdy folks,   I'm excited to share new Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) enhancements that will streamline administrator, developer, and end-user experiences. These new features really highlight our efforts to simplify identity and access management, while we also enhance the kinds of customization...
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Azure Cost Management + Billing updates – June 2020 (
Flexibility was the main theme for June, with more customizable budget notifications, a way to monitor your cost recommendations, and automated subscription creation for Azure Government. And of course, these are just a few highlights. Don't forget to check out new ways to save, a new video, a...
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General Availability: Microsoft Information Protection sensitivity labels in Teams/SharePoint sites (
Ensure secure collaboration in scalable way with Microsoft Information Protection   Microsoft Information Protection is a built-in, intelligent, unified, and extensible solution to protect sensitive data across your enterprise – in Microsoft 365 cloud services, on-premises, third-party SaaS applicat...
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Learn how business norms are changing and how endpoints affect productivity with Productivity Score (
One of the goals of Microsoft Productivity Score is to enable business decision makers and IT to have conversations around driving productivity through insights into how the organization works and how technology enables productivity. In a world where many people are working remotely, we heard from y...
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Update your applications to use Microsoft Authentication Library and Microsoft Graph API (
Howdy folks,   Microsoft Build 2020 allowed us to engage deeply with our developer community, and we are continuing to improve how developers can easily use identity features in their applications. To help developers take advantage of all the identity features available in our platform, we’re now re...
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Embedding modern SharePoint pages in Microsoft Teams as personal apps (preview) (
SharePoint pages can be embedded as personal apps in the Microsoft Teams.
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Announcing SharePoint Starter Kit v2 (
The SharePoint Starter Kit (starter kit) is a comprehensive solution designed for SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2019 which provides numerous SharePoint Framework (SPFx) web parts, extensions, and other components, as well as PnP PowerShell driven provisioning which you can use as an example and inspiration for your own customizations.
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Customize External Identities self-service sign-up with web API integrations (
Howdy folks,   Last month at Microsoft Build, we announced the public preview of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) External Identities, introducing self-service sign-up for external users. Since then, we’ve been excited to see so many customers trying out  user flows to create customized sign-up exp...
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Taking Class Attendance on Teams for Education (
School closures during COVID-19 led to a movement from classroom to online education, utilizing Microsoft Teams for Education as a platform to manage school learning activities. In this situation, teachers needed the capability to take attendance within Teams. The Attendance app on Teams for Educat...
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Introducing Live Video Analytics from Azure Media Services - Now in preview (
Azure Media Services is pleased to announce the public preview of a new platform capability called “Live Video Analytics” or in short LVA. LVA provides a platform for you to build hybrid applications with video analytics capabilities. The platform offers the capability of capturing, recording, and a...
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Microsoft buys IoT security firm CyberX (
Microsoft is continuing with its strategy to invest $5 billion over four years on IoT with its acquisition of IoT security vendor CyberX.
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Three months later: What educators have learned from remote learning prepares them for the new school year (
As I write this, class may be in session—most likely online—for many schools and universities around the world. Over the past several months, how we teach and how we learn has been flipped upside down
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Tips to plan a successful Upgrade to Microsoft Teams (
Adopting a digital workplace solution goes beyond a global crisis. Witnessing its huge popularity, it's wise to Upgrade to Microsoft Teams
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Teams Removes System Messages from the General Channel (
Teams is removing system messages from the General channel in teams. System messages tell users about events like new members, but they're really not that interesting.
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Find Guests in Office 365 Groups and Teams Where Guests are Prohibited (
You can apply an Office 365 Sensitivity Label to control different aspects of Groups, Teams, and Sites. One of the settings controls whether guest users are allowed in group membership.
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Introducing Money in Excel, an easier way to manage your finances (
Today, with the launch of Money in Excel, we are embarking on a journey to simplify your day-to-day money decisions to help you stay on track of your longer-term financial goals.
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.NET Standard version of SharePoint Online CSOM APIs (
Today we are thrilled to announce availability of a new version of the SharePoint Online CSOM NuGet package, which also includes .NET Standard versions of the CSOM APIs.
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Lists or Tasks (
Microsoft Lists are coming to SharePoint Online. It's yet another way for Office 365 users to organize data and could cause some confusion with Tasks.
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Create a list from Microsoft Excel (
Every month, tens of millions of people turn to SharePoint lists to track and manage critical business and team data. Lists enable organizations and teams to store and visualize rows of data to share and collaborate on scenarios like inventory management, status reporting, deal milestones and more. ...
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General availability of automatic classification with sensitivity labels in Microsoft 365 services (
Microsoft runs on trust. With digital data growing exponentially, online threats becoming very sophisticated, and remote work necessary, it is more important than ever to safeguard your corporate data.   At Microsoft, our goal is to provide a built-in, intelligent, unified, and extensible solution...
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Microsoft Announces Azure Active Directory External Identities (
Azure AD External Identities, now in public preview, brings easier authentication for users, organizations, and developers.
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From Microsoft Teams to Fluid Framework—here’s what’s new and coming soon to Microsoft 365 (
At Build 2020 this week, we’re announcing many new capabilities that you can use to make your apps more integrated, powerful, and intuitive.
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Microsoft’s new Fluid Office document is Google Docs on steroids (
Fluid is Microsoft’s big push for entirely new documents on the web.
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Create a User Activity Report for Multiple Office 365 Workloads (
The Microsoft Graph reporting endpoint is a rich source of information about Office 365 user activity. In this post, we use PowerShell and Graph calls to fetch and analyze information for five workloads.
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How Fluent UI Unlocks the Next Generation of Microsoft 365 Experiences (
Continuing our journey toward a true design-to-code system at scale
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2020 Online Azure, Office 365, and SharePoint Conferences (
Lots of in-person conferences have been cancelled. The smart ones have moved to an online format. Here's a best-effort list of the Microsoft 365, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Power Platform, etc. conferences available.
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Microsoft to add new cloud regions in Italy, New Zealand and Poland (
In the span of a week, Microsoft announced plans to add three new datacenter regions in countries where it doesn't currently have them.
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Refresh of Exchange Online PowerShell Module Now Generally Available (
Microsoft has released V2 of the Exchange Online PowerShell module. The new module contains 9 REST-based cmdlets designed for speed and stability for the most intense Exchange Online operations.
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Create teams quickly with Templates in Microsoft Teams (
Today we are thrilled to announce Templates in Microsoft Teams, enabling you to create effective teams faster and more easily than ever. With Templates in Teams, users can choose from a variety of customizable templates when creating a new team, helping them get started quickly. IT professionals ca...
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