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Updates to SharePoint security, administration, and migration (
Bill Baer Senior Product Manager @williambaer   In Microsoft 365, we take security and compliance seriously, helping you manage security concerns in an ever-evolving technology world that’s constantly under threat.   Today at the SharePoint Conference we demonstrated that commitment with innovation ...
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Microsoft Teams Rooms July Update (
Microsoft Teams Room app update is now rolled out via Windows store. This app update includes various client and service features for Microsoft Teams Room devices. App rebranding to Microsoft Teams Room Skype Room System V2 app is now rebranded to “Microsoft Teams Room” as announced previo...
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Microsoft is set to shake up Dynamics 365 pricing and packaging again (
Microsoft plans to make some pricing and licensing changes to its Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP family as of October 1, according to information it shared with its partners recently.
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Slack Takes Aim at Teams Weaknesses (
Slack's July 22 post reports some advances in their desktop client that seem to aim at reported weaknesses in the Teams desktop client. The best update is better protection against network outages.
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Using Password-Protected Sharing Links with SharePoint Online (
SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business support the ability to protected Anyone links with passwords. The idea is good and the feature works well, but some Office 365 tenants have problems with the idea.
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Managing Microsoft PowerApps and Flow Like a Pro - Part 4 (
Common Data Service (CDS) databases within environments. has found its way to the Office 365 and SharePoint world through Microsoft PowerApps.
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Teams Adds Moderation for Channel Conversations (
Teams has added the ability for moderation of channel conversations. If you moderate a channel, only team owners can post new conversations and you can restrict things even further by stopping members, bots, and connectors posting.
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SharePoint Admin Problem #1: The SQL Server is Out of Disk Space (
This article examines the most common issues that cause SQL server disks to become full, creating problems with SharePoint.
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Microsoft Redesigns OneDrive for iOS (
Microsoft is rolling out a new look for OneDrive on iOS that improves ease-of-use and aligns the design with the rest of the Office 365 suite.
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Microsoft Q4 FY19: Why is Azure 'slowing' and Windows growing? (
There's more going on with Microsoft's Azure and Windows businesses than a cursory look at the company's latest earnings might indicate.
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PowerApps as a Front End (
There are two different ways that you can create PowerApps canvas apps.  There are customized SharePoint list forms, and there are standalone PowerApps.  I always prefer standalone, and I wrote a p…
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Finding Azure Active Directory with Admin Roles Not Protected with MFA (
Microsoft makes a strong case that all Azure Active Directory accounts should be protected with multi-factor authentication (MFA). That's a great aspiration, but the immediate priority is to check permissioned accounts.
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Microsoft capitulates and agrees to undo planned partner product licensing changes (
Microsoft is not going to eliminate internal use rights for partners who've been using software obtained as part of Microsoft's partner-program benefits to run their businesses, following partner complaints.
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Authentication Methods–Usage & Insights (
Howdy folks,   Today, I’m excited to announce the public preview of Authentication Methods Usage & Insights! The reporting provided by this feature helps you understand the adoption of self-service password reset (SSPR) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in your organization. This gives you insig...
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Introducing the new Azure Migrate: A hub for your migration needs (
Moving on-premises apps and data to the cloud is a key step in our customers’ migration journey, and we’re committed to helping simplify that process. Earlier this year, we invited customers to participate in the preview of multiple new migration capabilities.
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Microsoft says Teams now has 13 million daily active users (
Microsoft continues to add more incremental features to Teams, two years after it first launched its competitor to Slack.
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Microsoft brings new ways to pester your coworkers to Microsoft Teams (
Cross-posting, repeated notifications, the ability for your employer to physically know where you are: These are some of the annoying, er, productive features that Microsoft is adding to Teams.
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PowerApps & Flow Convert to PDF (
Previously, I wrote a post called Microsoft Flow & Quick Parts, which shows how you can insert fields from SharePoint into your document via Flow and Quick Parts.  Many times in business proces…
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How to convert an employee handbook to SharePoint library with metadata (
Ever wondered if SharePoint can help organziing handbooks? This post explains how to convert an employee handbook to SharePoint (or any other large doc)
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Microsoft Teams reaches 13 million daily active users, introduces 4 new ways for teams to work better together (
New capabilities in Microsoft Teams make it easier for customers across all industries to communicate and collaborate.
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Should I save files to OneDrive or SharePoint? (
Learn when to save documents to OneDrive for Business or to a SharePoint site.
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Use Desktop Analytics and machine learning to get current and stay current (
Desktop Analytics, available now in public preview, provides the insight and automation you need to efficiently get current and stay current.
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Introducing OneDrive community samples GitHub repository (
Introducing new OneDrive community samples GitHub repository for sharing your OneDrive specific samples cross the community.
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Azure Data Box Heavy is now generally available (
Our customers continue to use the Azure Data Box family to move massive amounts of data into Azure. One of the regular requests that we receive is for a larger capacity option that retains the simplicity, security, and speed of the original Data Box.
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Updates to program change announcements (
  To our partners: Over the last several days, we’ve heard from many of you about changes we were planning to make regarding benefits included with gold and silver competencies, and those in the Microsoft Action Pack. These included benefits related to internal use rights, or IUR — specifically the terms governing the use of … Continue reading Updates to program change announcements
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The Hybrid Agent is now GA! (
We’re delighted to announce that Microsoft Hybrid Agent has reached General Availability! We first talked about this agent nearly two years ago at Ignite and we’re very happy to have reached this important milestone today.   The Agent has been available in Preview for quite some time as you probably...
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New OWA Becomes The OWA on July 22 (
Microsoft has announced that the switchover to the new OWA interface will start on July 22 when Office 365 tenants in targeted release will lose the chance to toggle back and forth between the two interfaces.
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Microsoft Killing Its Most Popular Partner Benefit, IURs (
An announcement on Microsoft's partner Web site indicates that the popular internal use rights (IUR) benefit will be discontinued in less than a year.
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Email, Teams, and Expressing Reactions with Likes (
Microsoft introduced support for like reactions in OWA in 2015. Teams also supports likes, but it also supports other reactions to messages from sad to angry. Knowing how to use these reactions is a social minefield.
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What’s Happening with the MailItemsAccessed Audit Event (
Microsoft launched the MailItemsAccessed audit event (to capture when email is opened) in January, reversed the roll-out in April, and now might restart sometime in Q3. It's an odd situation that isn't really explained by a statement from Microsoft.
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