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A powerful new platform for the healthcare industry launches today (
Last month at Ignite, we announced Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare–a new industry-specific cloud computing platform that brings together new and existing healthcare capabilities and a common data model for healthcare into a single source of information to ensure consistency across applications, enable seamless integration and better interoperability. With Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, Microsoft and our …
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Microsoft: Disposable emails now available in Exchange Online (
Microsoft says that Office 365 customers can use unlimited disposable recipient email addresses after the Plus Addressing feature rolled out to all Exchange Online users.
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Microsoft is bringing disposable email addresses to Office 365 (
Gmail and numerous other web-based email services have long supported the option of creating disposable email addresses using a +xxx suffix. Now Microsoft is catching up with the competition and is…
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Raising awareness for the Security Update Validation Program (SUVP) (
In the last couple of weeks a large number of customers struggled with changes that were introduced through security fixes for the different versions of SharePoint (e.g. this regression and this de…
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Modern Fluent UI controls in Power Apps (preview) (
We’re proud to announce the preview of new modern Fluent UI controls for Power Apps. These controls enable makers to create apps which more closely align with modern Microsoft patterns and styles.
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Project Moca In Preview for Office 365 Users (
Office 365 commercial tenants now have the chance to use Project Moca, the latest productivity app from Microsoft.
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Half of Office 365 Active Users Now Use Teams (
Microsoft's FY21 Q3 told us that Teams now has 115 million users, a 53% uptick since April. Office 365 keeps on growing in numbers, revenue, and profit.
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Using Springs for Project Management in SharePoint (
Sprints in Scrum Scrum organizes the added value in iterations, known as Sprints. Sprints in Scrum are initially nothing more than time boxes, i.e. just one time unit. Nothing more, but also nothing less. Thus - and this is the interesting aspect of Scrum - Scrum introduces a different paradigm of time management. Waterfall also has certain phases like specification phase, implementation phase, test phase, documentation phase, acceptance phase, etc. Here, however, the time periods are bound to a specific content, and the content ultimately determines the length of the time period. The phase is completed when the objectives of this phase have been achieved, or at least when satisfactory results have been achieved. Scrum turns the relationship between timebox and content upside down. The timebox, i.e. the length of the Sprint, is clearly defined and should change as rarely as possible. We'll get to that in a moment. Why...
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Project Management vs. Scrum (
Ever since the term 'Agile project management' has come into use, there has been an ongoing discussion about the relationship of established project management methods (PMM) - such as PRINCE 2 or PMI - to Scrum, being representative of the Agile project management method. This article is about project management methodology, so it is a small contribution to the teachings of project management methods (PMM). Scrum is not a project management method I do not ask myself how the relationship between Scrum and e.g. PRINCE 2 & Co is structured ( i. e., what is the relationship between Scrum and traditional PMM), but rather how Scrum is supposed to be a PMM at all (because of "Agile project management"). Why is this important? Companies often feel compelled to choose a specific method when handling projects. Frequently this is also a result of corporate compliance guidelines. Companies who would like to...
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Microsoft Compliance Manager (
Microsoft Compliance Manager helps organizations simplify and automate risk assessments, and suggests recommended actions to help address risks.
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Top 3 Advanced Intranet Features Checklist (
Intranet has become a Digital Workplace necessity. Have a look at the best intranet features checklist that help your organization stand out.
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Managing Third-Party App Permissions in the Teams Admin Center (
The latest update for the Teams admin center includes the ability to manage the permissions used by third-party apps to access data via the Microsoft Graph.
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New Location for Teams Compliance Records Breaks Scripts (
Without saying anything, Microsoft changed where Microsoft 365 stores Teams compliance records in user and group mailboxes.
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What’s New and What’s Coming in Information Protection? (
Throughout the last several months there have been many new features, updates, and happenings in the world of Information Protection at Microsoft. As we continue to build out more of this story, we wanted to use this opportunity to connect with customers, partners, and more on some of these updates ...
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Microsoft 365 All Tenants list is rolling out (
Did you know that more than one-third of admins that use the Microsoft 365 admin center manage multiple tenants. This applies to two-thirds of enterprise customers and the majority of partners that manage Microsoft 365 tenants for their customers. Historically, the Microsoft 365 admin center was bui...
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Use the Tasks app in Teams (
The Tasks app in Microsoft Teams brings together your individual tasks from To Do and Outlook with your team tasks from Planner so you can more efficiently cross them off your lists.
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New Exchange Online Admin Center Loses Some Magic, But It’s the Future (
Microsoft says that the new EAC is ready to use. While we don't deny the fact, we think some of the magic that existed in previous portals has gone. PowerShell is replaced by the Graph as the foundation for the EAC.
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Teams Offline Status Allows Users to Appear Invisible (
Teams is introducing a new Offline presence status this month to allow users to continue working while appearing unavailable and uncontactable to coworkers.
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Progress Indicator Component (
This component is used to show what progress has been made in a process. The most common use-case is for Approvals. However, this the icons & images in this component are completely customizable so it can be adapted to any business process. Give a Thumbs Up if you like the component to make it...
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How to retrieve complete set of permission changes while utilizing DeltaLinks (tokens) in SPO? (
Delta is, by default, a user-scoped API to drive sync-like behavior. It scopes its results down to the set of changes which are definitely impactful to the caller. It filters out changes which it knows are irrelevant to the caller. When the API cannot definitely determine relevance cheaply, e.g. whe...
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Azure Active Directory sign-in activity reports - preview (
Introduction to the sign-in activity reports in the Azure Active Directory portal
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SharePoint admin and migration announcements at Microsoft Ignite 2020 (
We are on a journey to align the SharePoint admin center with the Microsoft 365 suite designing it to be more interconnected and aligned with the changing collaboration needs of your people. Today at Microsoft Ignite 2020, we announced several new updates to the overall SharePoint admin center exper...
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Microsoft has a brilliant new idea for working from home. You may not like it (
Redmond is trying very hard to make working from home more palatable. One of its new ideas may need work.
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Collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Project Cortex (
In many organizations, world events have transformed technology adoption more in the past few months than in the past few years. Remote work and learning in virtual classrooms have accelerated the adoption of cloud services beyond anybody’s wildest expectations. Some organizations are now transition...
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Network connectivity in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center preview available (
In a cloud services world the quality of your network connectivity can make or break user experiences. Microsoft publishes best practices and principles of network connectivity to support customers with this work. We are making a broadly available preview available today for test tooling that identi...
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Teams First Office 365 Application to Use Stream 2.0 (
Stream is moving storage for videos from Azure Media Services to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. Teams is the first Office 365 app to use the new plaform.
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What's New in Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Ignite 2020 (
Today at Ignite, we are announcing a ton of new capabilities to help people stay connected, collaborate, and build solutions in Teams. Here’s what’s new in: Meetings Meeting room experiences Calling Chat and collaboration Microsoft 365 integrations Firstline Workers Healthcare Security and compli...
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Microsoft and Datadog Announce Partnership to Secure Azure (
Microsoft and Datadog have announced a partnership that will see Datadog be a first-class service in Azure Portal.
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Making Outlook the Default Mail App for iOS14 (
Apple allows iOS14 users to select a different email app to be the default. The switch to Outlook is easy, and you can also pin Outlook to the Home Screen. Remenber to check for users running iOS12
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Exchange News and Announcements – Microsoft Ignite 2020 Edition (
Today we are announcing that the next versions of Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Skype for Business Server and Project Server will be available in the second half of 2021, and are only available with the purchase of a subscription license. Subscription entitles access to support, product update...
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